Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Log versus Gun Log SPC

I am often asked, "What are the differences between Gun Log and Gun Log SPC?"

The differences are:
  1. Gun Log SPC can print and email, Gun Log does not.
  2. Gun Log has a promise to the users that it will not use technology external to the app, such as printing, email, iCloud, Drop Box, the GPS, location services, etc. Gun Log SPC might some day have features that would use external services.

The similarities are:

  1. Gun Log and Gun Log SPC do not use iCloud services. iCloud is used to automatically sync data between your iOS devices. This is done by transferring your data to Apple's servers. If the servers are having issues then an app using them will be subject to those issues. Gun Log and Gun Log SPC do not use iCloud. You can transfer your data between devices manually via iTunes.
  2. Except for printing and emailing both apps have the same features.

Choosing the Right App

If you do not want email or printing, AND you also do not want any future changes that might include those or other technology such as using GPS and location functionality then choose Gun Log.

I have to use both apps for testing, but for my personal use, I use Gun Log SPC.

What is the purpose for the gun log apps?

The apps are designed to be a shooting log. In order to log shooting, you need to log your firearms and ammunition as well. The inventory aspect of the app was something I did not anticipate as being so popular and now the apps can inventory weapons, ammunition, and accessories.

The "Report" section (not to be confused with an individual view's  text reports) is where an app beats a paper log book. Gun Log and Gun Log SPC have the same "Report" section functionality.

Report Functionality:
  • Failures by Weapon: If a weapon has any failures logged you can quickly see those failures.
  • Firing Sets by Weapon: Find each firing set where a weapon was used.
  • Firing Sets for Accuracy by Weapon: Firing sets for each weapon sorted by how close point of impact was to point of aim.
  • Firing Sets for Grouping by Weapon: Firing sets for each weapon sorted by group size.
  • Rounds Fired by Weapon: Totals on how many rounds you have logged for each weapon. You can "drill down" further and see how many rounds per configuration for each weapon.
  • Failures by Ammo: If an ammunition ahs any failures logged you can quickly see those failures.
  • Firing Sets by Ammo: Find each firing set where an ammunition was used.
  • Firing Sets for Grouping: Firing sets for each ammunition sorted by group size.
  • Rounds Fired by Ammunition: How many rounds of each ammunition has been fired. This shows how many rounds remain.
  • Round Count by Caliber: How many rounds of ammunition you have on hand for a each caliber with each round of that caliber listed and how many fired and how many remaining.
  • Drop Table by Weapon with Ammunition: Calculate external ballistics and bullet drop used to help sight in rifles or figure out hold overs.


Thank You

The Gun Log apps have been very well received.

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  1. I downloaded Gun Log SPC back in 2013. I entered all my firearms and ammunition and used the app to track failures on a new weapon. After that, I stopped using it. Recently I realized I had not kept track of round count, and as a consequence, one of my pistols began to malfunction as a recoil spring was overdue for replacement. As I carry this weapon for duty, this is a problem. After replacing the worn springs, I rediscovered Gun Log SPC and will be using it to track round count and maintenance schedules. It is good software - does a lot more than I need, yet still simple and easy to use.