Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bullet Drop App Review


BulletDrop v3.0.2
by Mark Descalzo

Description from App Store

BulletDrop is a simple external ballistics calculator for iOS. It accepts inputs of bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, sight height, zero range, wind speed & angle, etc and calculates velocity, energy, flight path, and drift. Output is displayed in selectable increments out to ranges of 100 to 2000 yards. The default is 50 yard increments out to a range of 1000 yards. You can change these selections in Settings.

BulletDrop is intended for reloaders and shooters of all varieties. It gives them an idea what various cartridges and load recipes will do at the range. The information provided is in no way a substitute for actual range time. Get out and shoot!

First Impressions


The app is easy to use, the results are very similar to several other ballistics calculators, and it is FREE. The FREE part makes this very appealing.

Bullet Drop doesn't save settings and has ads, but remember, it is FREE!

There is another app, BulletDrop+, that does save settings and uses multiple drag functions.

Screen Shots


When you first launch the app...

Tap the "i" in the upper right...

 Enter some values...

Values are entered. That was easy, now tap "Calculate"....

Results in "inches".

Results in "MOA".

Results in "mils".


I really like this handy app. It is easy to use and the price is very reasonable at this time, it is FREE!

Comparison to Gun Log SPC

Important Information

Gun Log SPC is not free like BulletDrop and it would be better to compare Gun Log SPC to BulletDrop+. (At this time I haven't downloaded BulletDrop+).

Gun Log SPC is designed to be a Range Log. It tracks your firearm inventory, your ammunition, your accessories, and your range sessions. It captures group size, failures, round count, and many more data points and you can then see reports generated on the data.

Gun Log SPC (as well as  Gun Log and Gun Log +P) has a ballistics calculator and that will be compared to BulletDrop.

Features of Gun Log SPC -vs- BulletDrop

The first table of features are the ballistics features. These features are the only ones that really compare across Gun Log SPC and BulletDrop. Remember, BulletDrop is free and is only a ballistics calculator with a clean interface, Gun Log SPC is a range log with the ability to inventory firearms, ammunition, and accessories and as a secondary feature Gun Log SPC does ballistics calculations which can be saved.

Gun Log SPC Ballistics Screen Shots

Initial screen shot when you open Gun Log SPC.

Tap the "Reports" button on the bottom right.

Scroll down and tap "Drop Table for User Specified Values"...

Tap the "+" button in the upper right...

This is where you enter your data. It is automatically saved when you leave the "screen".

Enter some values. These are the same that were entered into BulletDrop.

Scroll the view down...

When you scroll all the way down you see the calculation controls.

Tap the "." to change the level of details. Tap the "2000" to set the max yardage.

Tap the circular arrow on the left to perform the calculation.

When the bullet crosses zero the values are bolded, just scroll down to see the results.

Scroll down a bit further. Notice that Gun Log SPC and BulletDrop produce very similar results.


Gun Log SPC is a very complete range log, from my current research it is the most complete. Gun Log SPC (and Gun Log and Gun Log +P) has a very good ballistics calculator built into the app that works with your saved firearms and ammunition or can calculate drop tables on independent user specified data. All of these ballistics reports are saved.

Go to the Gun Log SPC blog site to see the full capabilities of Gun Log SPC.

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